SHTEM is for Everyone!

Our STEM programs are designed to be inclusive for all ages, interests, and abilities. We encourage creative problem-solving skills while applying the engineering design process and the scientific method to solve real-world problems. We also encourage developing team building strategies with our hands-on workshops and demos. Remember, we also like to add the “H” for HISTORY to give context to our lessons

*can be offered as one-off , or in a block of 4-12 sessions

STEM Programming

STEM themed classes and workshops based on the level of abilities, age and interests. Curriculum and New York State Standards can be provided in advance upon request.

For more specific information or how to customize STEM programming, please click the box below to contact Lori Stratton for program development and pricing


Our STEM workshops are age-appropriate curriculum based with specific goals, objectives and can be adapted to children's fine, gross and cognitive skill levels. 

Each listing below can be booked as 1-12 sessions

Discovering STEM

*appropriate for ages PK-3rd grade and children with special needs

Great introduction to STEM! Participants will become Engineers and Scientists in training! They will be introduced to the basic vocabulary and concepts used in various scientific fields through hands-on STEM challenges and experiments. Each session will have a mix of STEAM activities to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as collaboration with peers. The key objective is to solve real-world problems while given the opportunity to fail and try again in a safe environment. They will discover the answers to such problems as “How do airplanes fly and boats float?” or “What’s the water cycle and how does it help keep our planet healthy?” 


Storybooks come to life with hands-on STEAM projects based on our favorite tales. Early learners will engage in creative, interactive science and engineering projects, in addition to learning new skills through fun, hands-on projects. Choose from the different worlds of Harry Potter, Oz, Neverland, The Little Mermaid, Frozen and many more! *ask for a listing by age group or by story


*STEM challenges and concepts vary for ages 2nd-10th grade

Learn how Thor flies, why Superman needs energy from the Sun and help Aquaman save a sinking ship from the depths of the ocean. Participants won’t be tinkering in Tony Stark’s workshop to help save the world, they will be learning about the historic inventors and innovators who used science, technology, engineering and math to solve real world problems to become real-life STEM SUPERHEROES! During each lesson, we will go back in time and discover an innovator from history such as Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, The Montgolfier Brothers, Isaac Newton, Jacques Cousteau, Galileo and Copernicus and many more. Through the concepts learned from historic figures and the impact they made, we will face weekly challenges along with of our friendly neighborhood heroes and help them save the world with STEM!

wonder women of STEM

Explore the achievements of women who have broken barriers in science, technology, medicine, architecture, math and aeronautics. From past to present, each week, students will learn about the significance of one wonder woman’s accomplishments and contributions to the world through hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations and STEM challenges. SHTEM, history program with hands on project 1-10 sessions

Sustainable City

Curriculum includes a mix of environmental challenges facing the world today. Junior scientists and engineers will not only explore how to design ways to save and sustain our planet but they will be challenged to learn how we can play a part in keeping our world clean and safe for all that live here .

*appropriate for ages 8-16 and can be booked for 1-4 part workshops



*Can be offered as an all day special program, one off or as a 1-12 session series

Travel back in time to explore the history of the American space program from its inception to the Mission to Mars. Discover astronaut missions of yesterday and the future of space exploration tomorrow. Participants will become NASA scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to learn about the early days of the Space Race: how we got to to space, what it's like to live there now, and where we are going next! This customize program is offered for all ages, children and adults alike. Choose from a variety of subjects to look behind the scenes at living in a micro-gravity environment.

Through various demonstrations, activities and hands-on challenges,  these STEM intensive programs can include lesson topics such as:

  • The Apollo Moon Landing

  • Life Aboard the ISS

  • “Back to the Moon… and Onto Mars”


Ask about our NASA programs for Early Learners too! “One Giant Leap” is for children ages 3-8 and can be booked as a 1-8 part program as well!

For more specific information about custom NASA programs, click the button below


Introductory workshops for adults who want to discover the latest trend in education and what the kids are all talking about! STEAM Much more than just an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! And as always, we add the “H” for History!

Group discussion and hands-on activities are designed to engage seniors in the latest craze.  Can be taught as a one-off class,  but more fun as a 4-6 block or ongoing series of workshops with new STEM topics introduced each week. Fun for family bonding time when the participants team up with their grandchildren for design building challenges in our STEM for GRANDPARENTS workshops. Anyone that wants a hands-on lesson in STEM just like all the cool kids are doing in schools today! We do recommend the introductory class be for the adults only if this is their first exposure to STEM education.

For more information about our adult programming visit our SENIORS page