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Inside the Artist studio

Venture into the world of art through the eyes of the historical and contemporary artists themselves. Each session will feature an artist from different mediums. Students will learn about the artist’s background and get the opportunity to discover their well-known techniques through a hands-on art project. This program can be a one-off, or 4-12 weeks where students can create a diverse, multi-disciplinary artist portfolio of their own

*recommended for ages 8 to adults

Discovering Art

Adapted for children ages 3-7 years old

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universe of stories summer reading program

“Back to the moon…” celebrating 50 years since the moon landing

Discover how NASA sent astronauts to the moon then and now!

Learn all about the latest mission to return to the moon to build a new space station in this SHTEM program for all ages that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

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History in a box

Creative hands-on curriculum and experiential learning help bring historic events to life! A look at the history of museums, and how they are curated. Participants will learn how museum curators coordinate information to create a narrative. This living history program looks at historic events using primary/secondary sources to discover main events throughout time with discussion, demonstration, and iconic images. Hands-on projects include techniques used by historians, scientists and artist who work as or with curators to create a museum exhibit to tell a story

*recommended for ages 10 to adults


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