For children and adults: all of our programs can be adapted or modified for the special needs of our participants; including (but not exclusive to) physical, intellectual, social or emotional. Know 2 Grow's Educators have degrees and certifications in Special Education and Recreational Therapy,  so we can also create something new to fit any curriculum or theme and make it accessible!

For more information about these and custom programs please contact:

Lorraine Zaranksi-Ash Manager, Access Programs


The following programs are recommended for children and adults with developmental disabilities, Autism, or behavioral disorders:

Einstein’s Workshop

Hands-on, project based challenges. During each session, an experienced Access Educator will touch on the areas of STEM while focusing on team building strategies and improving overall life skills through collaboration and supported social skills. Our programs mix all the elements of STEM to encourage problem-solving and engaging creatively while given the opportunity to fail and try again in a safe environment. Can be adapted to fit any special needs of a group or individual. 

*best for ages 7+ including adults

Story Lab

Classic stories come to life with hands-on art and science projects based on our favorite tales. The emphasis of this program is to promote literacy by exposing early learners and those with developmental disabilities to creative and interactive language arts experiences.  Children will discover new ways to use key words from the storybook of the day as they practice the written form, and multi-cultural vocabulary along with participating in an art or science activity.

*Ideal for ages 4-9

Make-IT: Sensory

This 4 part series will explore things we see, hear, smell, and touch. Participants will learn what makes our senses work, interact with various stimuli, and create their own fidget for each sense. (Complexity adjusted for grades K-2; 3-5; 6-9)