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70 is the new 50!

Not your parent's recreation programs! Gone are the days of BINGO and sing-a-longs (although we still love sing-a-longs) Journey back to the future with our variety of fun, educational enrichment workshops for Seniors, their friends and their families.

*all programs are adaptable for level of abilities and can be booked as an ongoing series


Hands-on workshop for seniors ages 60 + Learn all about the newest trends in education, communication and the ever-changing world around us.

Group discussions and hands-on activities designed to engage adults with fun-filled enriching experiences. Each week experience guest lecturers or group and individual enrichment projects in a creative social environment.

Topics include:

  • STEM Superheroes from history

  • Pop Culture through the decades

  • WWII and You

  • The Space Race

  • Museum in a Box

  • Art History

  • First in Flight: the History of Aviation

  • Clean Water! Act!

  • Unsink the Titanic


Reminisce with peers during our immersive history lesson and group discussion. Enjoy traveling back in time with activities, music, historical photographs, books, artifacts, and videos to stimulate memories and smiles. A great workshop for increased socialization and those who want to learn something new about something old.

Dancing shoes not included! 

*Recommended for those with cognitive impairments to reinforce continuity and consistency for ongoing programs

STEM for GRandparents

An introductory workshop for Grandparents to learn all about the newest trend in education that everyone is talking about: STEM and STEAM! Much more than just an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math!

Group discussion and hands-on activities are designed to engage seniors in the latest craze.  Can be taught as a one-off class,  but more fun as a 4-6 block or ongoing series of workshops with new STEM topics introduced each week. Fun for family bonding time when the participants team up with their grandchildren for design building challenges. 

*Can be for parents, aunts, uncles, and mentors too. Anyone that wants a hands-on lesson in STEM just like all the cool kids are doing in schools today! We do recommend the introductory class be for the adults only if this is their first exposure to STEM education.