March 11, 2019 from 10-11:45

Free Professional Development for Libraries

"Back to the Moon..."
Connecting Literacy and NASA Space Science 

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing by connecting our NASA Space Programs with children's literature! Come learn and play with us while engaging in an interactive history lesson about The Space Race and our Going Back to the Moon and Onto Mars initiative. Our NASA trained Educator can answer your history related questions about how to connect NASA Space Science to your "The Universe of Stories" summer reading programming


Enrichment and custom curriculum development

STEM IN the Classroom

Teachers and Education Professionals will acquire strategies on how to break down complex STEM concepts for enriching curriculum. This workshop is an introduction to the importance of project-based and experiential learning through engineering and scientific challenges. Participants will also be exposed to some innovative bents on how to strengthen STEM curriculum by injecting the arts and creative play into teaching strategies. 

For Early Childhood, School Age and General Education Professionals. Professional development sessions can include adaptive programming for children or adults with disabilities.

Adapting programs for special Needs

For staff training and managerial development: learn how to successfully adapt any educational program for audiences with special needs. Discover tools and techniques being used in museums and other educational institutions throughout the country, making programming and facilities more accessible for everyone!

*This can be an introduction or in-depth all day workshop. 

dementiA  and PTSD PROGRAMs


Developing educational and therapeutic programs for audiences with dementia and PTSD. Sensitivity training and how to decrease sensory overload are  part of the session.