Literacy, STEM, Arts & Sciences

School readiness and introductory programs designed for early learners (PK-1st grade) and children with developmental disabilities, sensory disorders, or those on the spectrum. All programs are adaptable for any level of physical, behavioral, or cognitive abilities.

* All of these programs can be booked as a block of 4-12 sessions, or as an ongoing series

Storybooks come to life with hands-on art and science projects based on our favorite tales. The emphasis of this workshop is to promote literacy by exposing early learners to creative and interactive language arts experiences.  Children will discover new ways to use key vocabulary and new skills while engaging with their caretaker and peers. Recommended for ages 3-6

This is a great introduction to reading, writing and STEAM

*The goals of this program is to promote school readiness!

STEM Ever after

DiscoveRing STEM

STEM isn't just for big kids!

Science! Technology! Engineering! Math!

Hands-on, project-based challenges designed to tap into critical thinking skills with an emphasis on innovation and creativity. Our programs mix all the elements of STEM to encourage problem-solving skills while developing team building strategies. The key objective is to introduce basic concepts of STEM while having the opportunity to fail and try again in safe environment.   *recommended for ages of 5+

the world around us

Children will delve into various themes through art, role-play, storytelling, and project-based learning activities. This includes exploring the senses through hands-on activities (great for sensory stimulation in young learners or children and adults with sensory disorders)

Choose from a variety of themes:

  • the environment

  • safety

  • reuse, reduce, recycle and upcycle

  • culture

  • biology

  • holidays around the world

  • feelings

  • travel and transportation

Specialized ProgramS

Astronauts Are People Too!

Interactive and immersive program about living and working in space. With several lessons to choose from, the educational emphasis is on STEM, planetary science, literacy, and even physical fitness with our astronaut training lesson!

*This can be booked as a 1-4 part program


Custom art programs for PK-1st grade

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