Exercise your brain with Knowledge to Grow On

Most of us know that regular exercise is good for our bodies. Many also know that exercising our brains is just as important to maintain optimal cognitive functioning as well as continue the ability to consistently learn.  But did you also know that physical exercise is good for our brains?. This  Harvard Medical School article, explains that moderate exercise not only decreases anxiety and stress, along with improving mood and sleep, but it also improves overall thinking skills and memory.

In an effort to promote holistic enrichment, Knowledge to Grow On, offers custom fitness workshops and often inserts physical activity into our general programming. We not only live by our motto, 'because we never stop learning,' we also never stop moving!

To continue to promote overall cognitive functioning as well as increase critical thinking skills, next week we are starting a new blog to be posted every Tuesday: 


This is in addition to our weekly general blogs will move to Thursdays starting next week and that will now be known as  


Also, we have started posting Educational Enrichment trivia questions regularly on Twitter and Instagram ! So follow us, exercise your brain and the answers will be posted in our bi-weekly blogs! Below are the answers to this week's trivia questions:


lindbergh earhart.jpg


To the left you'll see Amelia Earhart who on May 21, 1932 landed in Ireland to become the first woman to have flown solo across the Atlantic. Ironically, 3 years prior on May 21, 1929, Aviator Charles Lindbergh (on the far right) was the first man to do so, landing in Paris, France.

(photo courtesy of National Air & Space Museum)

sherlock author.jpg

Books are magic!

Victor Hugo,author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Les Miserables" died on May 22, 1885. Author of the Sherlock Holmes series, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born on the same day in 1859

(photo courtesy of PBS.org)