You have to KNOW 2 GROW!

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We've been busy!

But... starting in March, we will post educational tips, fun facts, and a new resource of the week!  It might be a link, a book (we still like those) or a general recommendation along with important notices of new events or programs we or our partners are offering at a fun place near you!

Once in awhile we might have a contest or a fun trivia question. Maybe THE TEAM took the day off to go see the newest Avenger movie and we want to share with you how Iron Man's new suit flies at Mach 3.3 which is the same speed as the A-12 supersonic spy planes built by the CIA! Or maybe we will share a cool photo because a new friend came to play with us during one of our programs and created something amazing or beautiful! 


So come back each week, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see what's going on!