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Knowledge to Grow On, LLC provides inclusive and holistic educational experiences for children of all ages. It is our belief that no matter who you are, there's always an opportunity for learning.

Our program philosophy is to promote intellectual enrichment along with social/emotional well-being while never forgetting that the most important rule to any challenge is to have fun! Our specialties include SHTEM, Accessibility (special needs) and programming for 4-10.  Our original STEM, art and history curriculum is designed to be inclusive for all ages, interests, and abilities to challenge, solve real world problems, learn about innovators from the past and inspire innovation and creativity in innovators of the future

We add the “H” for HISTORY!

We add the “H” for HISTORY!

We invite EVERYONE to come learn & play with us:


after school and Camp programs


Yes, we add HISTORY into all our workshops and classes for grades K-10th. You probably know Einstein, Newton and the Wright Brothers, but how can you learn about science, math and engineering without knowing Daniel Bernoulli, Ada Lovelace and the Montgolfier Brothers!

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Learn about our wide variety of inclusive programs that are easily adapted for EVERYONE! From preschoolers to seniors. Community, in-school, after school, libraries, camps, we do it all. If you're looking for STEM, history, art... we have a little bit of everything!

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